As a guest, weddings are difficult to dress for. When it comes to a beach wedding; it’s surprisingly easy.

Firstly, being invited to a ‘beach wedding’ is an instant bonus; you’re almost always guaranteed sunshine and a holiday. The second bonus is that the outfit you decide on will be something you are usually able to wear again. This is because they tend to be on the more ‘casual’ side of a dress code. You won’t have to wear painful stiletto heels (one word: sand) and in order to fit in with the sandy scenery; you won’t need a structured, super formal outfit.

Instead, consider more flowing, romantic silhouettes and relaxed fits. This will ensure you don’t feel overdressed and you’ll be cool and comfortable – which is essential for hot climates.

Because it’ll be warm, a great way to prevent you from melting into a puddle of perspiration is to choose natural fabrics; silk, cotton and linen are great for regulating body temperature and they fit in with the flowing silhouette vibe that you should be aiming for.

This RabensSalonerRuthy Dress with spaghetti straps is perfect for nuptials along the coast. The open shoulders will keep you cool, while the silky fabric ensures you are formal enough, too. With a soft tie-dye print, you’ll incorporate a subtle bohemian feel, which is perfectly appropriate for the location. Its midi length allows you to wear it as a smarter dress, and the colour looks stunning with a tan (hello, holiday!). However, the truly great thing about this piece is that you can easily dress it up or down with a few simple touches. If you’d like to be on the smarter side, wear this dress with a slight wedge heel to elevate your look, add a few pieces of jewellery for sparkle. If you are wearing it again in the daytime, just pop a pair of sandals on and a straw hat and you’ve got a holiday chic look without the effort. It’s always best for weddings or formal events to invest in something that you know you can restyle later down the line.

Other fantastic options for beach weddings are drop shoulder kaftan dresses. These gorgeous boho chic dresses are perfect for such an event. The flared sleeve gives you coverage, but the length is playful and suitable enough for a warmer climate. The first, with stunning embellishments across the top, add a formal feel and a bit of sparkle. The second, with its feminine floral print, is romantic – which would be keeping with the day. Each dress features a tassel and tie neckline so you can adjust it accordingly.

The great thing about these is, are they versatile and easy to wear but they’re unique and different – nobody wants to turn up in the same outfit!

If you’d like to layer them with a bit more on the bottom, they could easily be worn with a pair of slim fitting white linen trousers. You’d get the coverage you’d like, but still stay cool with the natural fabric.

Wear these with bohemian wedge sandals or a simple flat sandal. Either way, you’ll be suitably dressed for a beach wedding.

They’re a great option if you’re looking for something a little more laid back and casual.