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Weddings in 2017 were all about size. Large bridal parties, huge flowers, cathedral trains, and capes. Some of these ideas will merge gently into the 2018 wedding, but overall, think of going smaller.

Bridal Gowns

Last year the bridal industry was shocked with the barely-there lace gowns, These gowns are still making the bridal scene. However, look for more (form-fitting) material on the sides, bare shoulders, and a mermaid type bottom. The lace is still covering the essential parts of the body, but the satin is giving the gowns a more traditional look in a “wow” way.


Last year the trend was the more bridesmaids the better. This year weddings are getting more personal. A Maid of Honor and one or two bridesmaids is the trend. The wedding is more intimate, and it cuts down on expense.

Bridal experts are working well with this trend. Take for example. Creating an image that is for a particular set of close friends makes it easier for the bride to select the look she wants. A few subtle differences in the dress for the maid of honor brings the whole look together.

Many brides that are working in this trend opt for a short or tea length dress for the bridesmaids. Colors that are popular are deep purple, gunmetal blue, smoke, and wine.

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You cannot do away with the reception at your wedding. But with a smaller wedding, you can follow-up with an after party. Think the rooftop of your hotel or some other exciting location and have everyone meet there after the festivities. This is a great way to send off the bride and groom in style.


In 2017 the outdoor venue was the way to go. vineyards, parks, barns, and gardens were the perfect setting for a wedding. But, 2018 is bringing the festivities back inside. You do not have to go traditional, like a church venue (unless you want to.) Get creative. Think of museums, aquariums, river boats, enclosed rooftop gardens, hotel grand rooms, or a local resort. Is there a theater in your area for live plays or concerts? That would make a great stage for your wedding, complete with special lighting, plenty of seats, and dressing areas. Find an indoor location that is beautiful, classic, and unusual. If you want to make it a trend wedding, that is even more fun. Have guests dress in a certain era to fit the location.

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This year you have your choice of bouquet sizes. Some brides are going small with the modern trend, but some are not ready to give up the fully opened and oversized bouquets of 2017. One thing everyone agrees on is the colors. The flowers of 2018 are darker, moody, with a deep and understated charm.

Flowers and vines will be big in 2018 as wedding decor. Chandeliers with beautiful flowers hanging from them are popular. Entry doors and halls that are decorated in twisted vines with flowers and twigs are a favorite. Even vines and roses attached to the chairs that line the aisle that the bride is lead down is breathtakingly beautiful. The greenery brings life and the deep colors of the bridal flowers are magical.

There is no doubt that 2018 is going to be a banner year for the bridal couples. Destination weddings are already booking up. Honeymoon registries are popping up everywhere. So if this is the year you are going to pledge your love forever. Now is the time to get started.