No matter whether you need t-shirts for your personal closet or want to promote a brand, product or cause, custom t-shirt printing comes handy. In fact, companies don’t mind spending on quality apparel and custom tees because it allows them to offer something valuable to customers without actually compromising on the marketing goals. If you are new to ordering custom tees, we have a few tips below that may come handy.

Find a good vendor

Some vendors like TeeJunction are known for what they offer. These sellers simplify the whole process of ordering, which can be summed up in steps below –

  • Create the design that you want
  • Select between readymade apparel, bags and totes
  • Select the sizes
  • Place an order

Vendors may even offer an online photo and artwork editor, which further simplifies the whole process of ordering tees. It is always best to work with agencies that doesn’t require you to place a minimum order. This just ensures that you can try their services for a smaller order.

Selecting the basic product

When it comes to selecting apparel for printing, you have to be extra sure of the quality, because you would want the prints to last. Most known custom tee printing services offer the basic choices, like tees, hoodies and t-shirts for both men and women. You can also place an order for kids too. The sizes are standard, but if you have any specific requirements, you can contact the seller directly to know if they can get extreme bigger or smaller sizes for you. Apart from apparel, you can even print things on bags and totes. Just check the product material and quality in advance.

Things to note

Finally, you have to consider the price of each piece, especially if you are ordering in bulk. For companies and big orders, there is usually a discount, depending on other aspects. You may also want to check for the delivery date and shipping norms. In the ideal case, you can expect small and medium orders within seven days, as long as the apparels concerned are in stock. You may also want to know the standard norms, in case products are not printed as per your requirements.

Check online right away and find a good vendor for your custom tees, and if it’s a big order, do not shy away from getting a quote over email.