You are afraid of waxing your face and using depilatory creams is not an option. Just get a hair removal trimmer for ladies and finish the job.

The beauty industry is worth multibillion dollars every year, with more demand for newer, more innovative products and implements fuelling its growth. At the core of the industry is women’s deep-seated fear of looking anything but stunning all the time. They want smooth skin, luxuriant hair and a gorgeous wardrobe.

But the very first step in looking great and presentable is to get the face ship-shape. It’s not just about using good skin care products and undergoing regular facials and other treatments. It starts with removing the visible hair on the face – extra hair on the eyebrow line, and hair on the sideburns, chin, upper lip, cheeks and under the jawline.

Fortunately, leading brands like Veet understand your concern about unwanted facial hair, and have devised the perfect solution for it: theVeet hair removal trimmer for ladies.

Why use a trimmer on the face?

The most popular methods of facial hair removal are threading and waxing. Both are effective methods since they pull out hair from the roots. The hair regrowth is sparser than before as well. However, they are both painful. Many women are sceptical about using either method on the face because they feel that the delicate facial skin may be harmed by it.

A third, completely painless, alternative is to use a trimmer. But not just any trimmer will do – enlist the help of a wonderful hair removal trimmer for ladies by Veet. The Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Trimmer is your answer to hair removal on the face, underarms and bikini area – all of these zones have delicate skin that requires tender handling.

  • This is a battery-operated trimmer that is completely safe to use. You will not suffer any side effects post-use.
  • This hair removal trimmer for ladies cuts the hair at the surface of the skin, thus ensuring that the skin is not pulled or pummelled in any way. The skin does not come in painful contact with the blades, so there are no chances of nicks and cuts on the skin.
  • The trimmer has different heads to target specific areas of the face. So, hair removal becomes easier and more effective.
  • You can shape your eyebrows, remove that unseemly moustache, do away with your sideburns and remove those couple of extra hairs on the chin using the trimmer. It is a good choice for last minute touch-ups as well.
  • The trimmer can also be used on wet skin. Clean it after every use with the little cleaning brush provided with the kit.

That’s it – just use the Veet hair removal trimmer for ladies and say hello to a glowing, hair-free face that shows just your features and not unwanted hair!