Eco Tan self-tannings are the best tools for the trade if you want to sport a glowing tan. Who has the time for sunbathing? We all lead busy schedules to have luxury time lounging outdoors until we achieve that time we desire. In addition, prolonged sun exposure can result in painful sunburn and trigger irreversible sun damage.

If you want that natural-looking tan without the sun, Eco Tan organic self-tanning products are perfect for you!

What makes Eco Tan the best brand for sunless tanning?

Whilst there is no shortage of self tanners online, only a few can actually deliver quality sunless tanning results. Eco Tan is a premier brand synonymous to superior, safe, and convenient sunless tanning products.

You can get almost natural looking results by slathering a small amount of Eco Tan self tanner on your body. The powerful formulation of Eco Tan products ensures that you only require minimal amount of product to achieve that highly-coveted glow.

Eco Tan self tanners should be used in conjunction with these tips:

  • Make Time

Plan ahead and schedule you’re at-home self tanning wisely. If you’re heading out to the beach or you’re going to an occasion next week, make sure to self tan two to three days prior. It takes time for self tanning products to settle on the skin, so it is a must that you do self tanning at least three days beforehand. In addition, your desired tanning result will only start to show a day or two after your first tanning application.

  • Never Forget to Exfoliate

One of the most important things that you need to do before self tanning at home is exfoliation. This activity is crucial to achieve the desired result. Dead skin cells that are trapped on the skin’s surface may slough off while your tan is developing. To ensure that the sunless tanning agent sticks well on your skin, exfoliate the entire body with a loofah. Lastly, exfoliation will ensure that your fake tan will last longer, too! Exfoliation done the right way can make your sunless tan last up to 2 weeks.

If your read Eco Tan reviews online, you’ll discover that feedback from customers regarding the quality of tan are mostly positive. However this is the case, we still encourage that you do your research before purchasing a sunless tanning product online.