From Rap trends to 80’s revivals, ‘the noughties’ happen to be ten years of diversity with regards to fashion. With the last 10 years fashion continues to be inspired by looks of all the decade because the 1930s – there have certainly been some ups and downs.

Before we dive headlong in to the next decade, let us have a brief think back at a few of the key trends and popular fashions that we have loved and hated since 2000.

The fitted (velour) tracksuit

When a staple for fans of urban music, this style, that was popularised by artists for example Jennifer Lopez, soon grew to become referred to as ‘Chavvy’ and appears to possess lost its appeal.


Uggs were first developed in Australia for surfers wanting something warm to use their ft once they emerged in the waves, so that they weren’t intended to be the wintertime boots they appeared to get throughout their reign as king of comfy, warm footwear. Uggs happen to be worn because the early 2000s and lastly seem to be losing recognition following a gradual decline within the last 2 or 3 years.

Under garments on show

‘Sagging’ or ‘Low-riding’ would be a surprisingly popular search for guys for almost all the 2000s. It was the concept of putting on jeans or pants so low that under garments was frequently clearly visible (think skaters). The feminine equivalent came later, when there is a spell of some celebrities being spotted using their thong on show above hipster style jeans. Again, this trend seems to possess taken a nosedive in recognition. However, apparently showing your under garments continues to have its devote high-street fashion. It’s not frowned upon as 2009 draws to some close to possess a little bra displayed, as highlighted by Good Morning’s Lorraine Kelly lately, which may once happen to be an undoubted fashion faux pas!

Geek Chic

This trend started in 2004 and it has been well-liked by both men and women since. Fans of ‘Geek Chic’ style could be recognised by their thick-rimmed (from time to time recorded) designer glasses and t-shirt’s frequently displaying computer-programming jokes.


These questionable brightly coloured plastic clogs enjoyed a recognition boom in the year 2006. They might be the best ‘Marmite’ fashion item for 2000s, provoking a genuine love or hate reaction. Lately they’ve inspired a hostile Facebook group with more than 1.4 million people dedicated to eliminating them, although interestingly the footwear were rated ‘number one casual brand’ inside a study through the NPD researching the market group in 2008.

Leggings and thin jeans

This look replaced the ‘boot cut’ type of the 1990s and early 2000s in around 2004 and it has suffered up to 2010 with the help of the ‘distressed’ skinny jean. The 2 products have been combined during 2009 to produce ‘Jeggings’: jeans leggings that are presently a vital item this year for youthful, high-street fashion.