When winter rolls around there are many people who struggle to stay properly warm. It is always so easy to dress in summer, but winter is another story altogether. In fact, if you don’t get it right you can end up with that horrible feeling of always being cold. But if you are smart and you adhere to a few basics, then it is possible to be warm and stylish and you don’t even need to spend too much. Here are a few simple pointers to staying warm and looking good.

Watch out for the head

It is quite astounding how much body heat is lost through the head. If you have any doubts about this, just ask a bald person. Guard against heat loss by making sure that your hard is covered with something appropriate. Something simple yet stylish like custom pom pom beanies is a good place to start. Fashionable and cute and very warm to boot. If it is cold outside, nobody will think twice about why you are wearing such a hat. They are highly fashionable and can be worn inside and out.

Woollen socks

If your feet are warm the chances are that you will be warm as well. With this in mind if the weather forecast suggests that temperatures are due to plummet then woollen socks are a great way to keep warm. They are very comfortable as well but critically they will keep the warmth in. Socks are a great item to buy online and they make good presents as well – so if you know people who have winter birthday’s look to get them some stylish wool or mohair socks.

Scarves for the win

Once incredibly fashionable the scarf has seen a dip in popularity in recent years. But they are great items to have in the wardrobe, ready to bring out when the winter chill starts to set in. Remember that scarf is not just a piece of material that you drape around your neck. Despite appearing to be a simple garment, scarves are also subject to fashion. So, if you want to stay warm and be fashionable, don’t think that the scarf that worked in 1994 will still suffice today. It won’t.

The gilet

One of the best garments for combatting the arrival of winter is the sleeveless jacket or gilet. These provide warmth to the core of the body while at the same time freeing the arms to be unencumbered and free. If you are planning on being active, perhaps working outdoors or even going for a hike, a gilet is a great way to ensure that you are warm from start to finish, while at the same time ensuring that you don’t overheat.


So many varieties to choose from, from mittens through fingerless to normal gloves, these are great items for ensuring that you stay warm in your hands – another place where a lot of heat is lost. Fingerless gloves can be a good option if it is not too freezing. They keep circulation moving but they don’t detract from your sense of touch.