There is nothing more depressing than a bad haircut. You skim through different haircuts on Google images but you are missing the main point! Every person has a different face structure. While some look fabulous in a pixie cut, there are some, who would not be able to carry it off.

It is vital to choose the best haircut for your face type. There are other criteria for choosing the best haircut. These include your lifestyle, hair texture, personality and personal style statement. However, the face shape criterion tops the list! No matter what your face shape is – oval, round, long, heart or square – there is a haircut meant for all the ladies out there.

Before heading to a hairdresser in Brooklyn, you must go through the below list to check out the haircut made for you.

What’s YOUR Face Shape?

Most people do a lot of research to find the best salon but they do not think about the cut they want. You carry a cut-out from the magazine of the hairstyle that you want but do not spend too much time thinking, ‘Will it suit me?’ So, before looking for the best hair salons in Brooklyn and before finding that attractive cut-out, you need to find out your face shape.

Do you have an oval, round, heart-shaped or long face? Take a look and once sorted, move onto the next step – finding the haircut that would suit the shape of your face.

We have listed below the haircuts that would suit each face-cut. See yours and head on straight to the nearest salon in Brooklyn to get the best haircut.

Haircuts for Different Face Types

  • Round Face

For Women: Women with a round face should avoid short haircuts. This will make your face look rounder! Go for a cut in which your face looks long and thin. A haircut which hits below the chin would be a great idea. You can speak to a professional Brooklyn hairstylist for options.

Layered bangs will make you look like a diva. If your hair is too short, you can visit a hair extension salon to get extensions. Longer hair looks better on round faces!

For Men: Men with a round face burden the responsibility of creating the sharp look with their hair. Your go-to hairstyle should have height on the top such as pompadours, side parting with short hair or flat top with messy fringes. This will make you look chiselled.

  • Square Face

For Women: A head of curls or a side-swept bang can do the trick! Since you have an angular jaw, you must go for haircuts with choppy ends.

For Men: A square face is considered an ideal face type for men. Almost all the hairstyles can be experimented on this versatile face cut. But the focus should be on accentuating the perfect jawline and high cheekbones.

Here’s the trick – go for more classic, neat haircuts with razored edges. They compliment the best to your square face. Remember – short hair, styled upward elongates your square face.

  • Oval Face

For Women: Just so you know, you are blessed to have an oval face. The oval face can sport any haircut! However, your face may appear to be too long at times. In case your hair is curly, you must avoid a blunt cut. It will make you look like a pyramid. A wavy bob hairstyle or layered pixie hair would look great!

For Men: Avoid fringes. It softens the sharp features of your face and makes it look round. Keep your hair shorter on the side and a little longer on the top with a side-swept parting. This will help to optimize the ovalness.

  • Long Face

For Women: Women with long faces should avoid long hair but they can look fabulous if they have long layers! It should hit the chin and cheekbones. Try a long layered haircut with front bangs.

For Men: Men with a long face have well-balanced jawline, cheeks and chin. Try to highlight those features. Avoid a long beard and certain hairstyles that can make your face appear longer than it actually is. Go for a hair length that is neither too short nor too long and keep side parting.

Words from the Wise

Was this post helpful to you? If yes, then show us some love by liking and sharing it. Do not visit the hairstylist with half-baked knowledge. Always remember that your haircut has the power to make you look fabulous. After all hair is supposed to be our prized possession and so, one must opt for the best haircut!

Choose the best and we are sure that you would look marvellous!