When it comes to wearing precious gemstones on special events, sapphires usually top the list with their amazing blue shades that let them preferable among other choices. Due to their luxurious look and rare availability, they are included in the list of ‘Big Four (Diamonds, Emeralds and Rubies)’ precious jewels in the world. With their hardness and strong bond, sapphires are usually every jeweler’s preference. They can be given any shape or size that is needed. The only considerable aspect is to know some important facts about sapphires before making a final decision.

When it comes to selecting a sapphire engagement ring, there are a lot of things that need attention. Whether it’s about the color, design or size, the approach should be to visit an expert jeweler who knows everything about sapphire gemstones and are in a better position to assist with their expertise and knowledge. But before that, what people can do from their end is to understand the following information and get to know if sapphire would be a good choice for their special occasion or they have to look for any other gemstone from the list:

  1. Symbolism

While digging into the history of sapphire, it’s quite interesting to know that the gemstone was considered to have incredible protective and medicinal capabilities. Proving themselves to be the symbol of wisdom and honesty, sapphires soon got famous for their medieval clergy and royalty. Even, kings used to wear them during important moments, like while signing treaties, for good luck. However today, sapphires have become more romantic and turn out to be a perfect anniversary gift and even look good in the engagement rings.

  1. Color

Sapphires are popular for having all the rainbow colors that used to have different values according to their availability and shades. However, the blue sapphires are the most valuable and rarest because of the richness in the color. When it comes to wearing the perfect sapphire engagement ring, experts suggest to go for the cornflower blue color, without using any modifiers, like green, black or gray shades, which may change its hue or make it look inky. For people, who don’t want to spend high on the engagement ring, they can go for other sapphires, except for blue, that can give a unique touch to the ring.

  1. Cut

Remember that it’s not important to be concerned about the cut in the sapphire engagement ring because darker shades do not make them visible to see with the naked eye. The shape should be symmetrical so that the color can look consistent from every angle. Oval cuts usually give off an heirloom vibes while round bezels look modern and trendy.

  1. Clarity

There are no standardized quality-grading guidelines for colored gemstones but, there is also no denial in the fact that natural sapphires are really difficult to find without inclusions.

  1. Heat Treatments

When it comes to making a peach sapphire ring, it is really interesting to know that some sapphires are formed closer to the Earth’s thermal venting, which is responsible for producing saturated colors as the result of natural heating. When sapphires come in contact with heat, the richness of their color increases and therefore, they are a bit reasonably priced as compared to those that are naturally vibrant and do not need any sort of heat treatment. However, remember that these treatments do not affect the quality of sapphires; even in some cases, they tend to strengthen the chemical bond.