The beauty/blemish cream, commonly known as BB cream, is a specialized all in one makeup product that plays a crucial role in skincare. BB creams play a multitude of functions, some of them being to correct color, give a natural glow, and to aerate the skin.

We all find ourselves in awkward situations where we have to attend an event after work. A full makeup will take your whole time, thus the need for BB creams. They are the ultimate saviors but have to be done using the appropriate procedures.

Keep reading to learn how to use BB cream like a pro.

Skin Prep

Similar to other makeup products, at no time should the cream touch your face while it is not clean. In typical cases, you have to clean your face shortly before the application. Do not worry about destroying the foundation since the cream caters to that.

The hidden blemishes will become more exposed after washing, but that should never worry you. The cream will take care of all the shortcomings of the skin. Unlike the foundation products, they offer full coverage to your skin and guarantees skin benefits.

The cream can be used in place of the primer and foundation. Depending on the condition of your face, you may either opt to use primers or not. After all, anything that comes after the cream is all about adding unnecessary weight on your face.

Match the Product to Your Skin Type

Different skin types have varied needs when it comes to cosmetic products. In standard cases, your skin will either be dry, normal, or oily. As you pick the product, be sure that it is inclined in one of those areas.

There exist BB cream products to cater to all the needs of the skin. The best you can do is to choose the right one for your skin. What works well for one person may be a disaster for another, thus the need for matching the product with your skin type.

In case you have dry skin, a watery cream will work best for you. Thick creams will never work for your dry skin since they can bring about excess dryness. All your skin needs is the moisturizing value of the watery cream.

Having normal skin doesn’t mean that all is well with you. It will be impossible to maintain that state without using BB creams with moisturizing value.

The oily skin type is the most sensitive, meaning you will have to be careful. First of all, it may react with these synthetic products, giving rise to a funny appearance on your skin. It is advisable to go for BB creams that are made from natural products, e.g., plant extracts.

BB Creams and the Skin Tone Should Match

Apart from the issue of skin types, the creams also vary depending on one’s skin tone. BB creams come in a variety of shades, but you should never shy away from asking for the right one for your skin tone.

The shade that is closest to your skin type is the right one for you no matter what. The tone of your neck and face should be the case study when choosing the appropriate BB cream for you. Do not be deceived by the hands as, in most cases, they tend to have a slightly different orientation.

How About a Setting Spray?

Very often, you will have an itching effect on your skin, and on touching it, the foundation becomes dismantled. This is because the foundation has nothing to hold it in place. The best approach to counter this embracement is the use of a setting spray.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using the BB cream or other products. All you have to realize is that these products will never stand on alone. They will require this vital component to stand on the face for a long time.

Apart from holding everything in perfect position, the setting spray contains a variety of essential ingredients for your skin. Once these basic materials sink into your skin, the natural glow is guaranteed.

You have to live with the fact that not all sprays will work for your skin. Choosing the right spray for your skin can be difficult, but the fact remains that they are there. Make an effort to acquire one, and constant makeup repairs will be long gone.

Use Your Hands

The use of a finger as the primary application tool is prominent since it is cheap and easy. At the same time, the finger helps to melt the cream making the application process more straightforward. You should, however, note that other tools guarantee a better look than the fingers.

The first thing to do should always be washing your hands. The face is a sensitive part of the skin and may contain some openings. Touching such small open wounds with dirty hands may lead to the introduction of microorganisms to your body.

Once the hands are clean, wash your face too and moisturize. Although the BB creams have moisturizing traits, the face still needs more hydration. It is for this reason that you have to apply the moisturizer before the cream.

Once done with the moisturization, it is now time to cream it. Only a small amount of cream should be applied to your skin. Dot it to parts of your skin and later spread it evenly. When you are done, observe through the mirror and make the necessary corrections.

Ensure that the cream is not exaggerated. However, any blemishes have to be concealed behind the BB cream. You can as well ditch the finger and go for better approaches such as the sponge or brush.

Sponges are naturally rough and can only be softened using the moisturizer. Rub the soaked sponge across your skin to moisturize. Later on, use the same sponge to apply the BB cream and spread it evenly. The sponge guarantees a wittier look than the fingers.

BB creams represent one of the fastest ways to enhance your looks when in a hurry. Whether you are a makeup artist or a mere client, this is something you cannot afford to miss. Pick the right brand as you glow your way out to the next event.

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