There are three reasons behind why people showcase outdoor vinyl stickers on their vehicles and other visible location. Vinyl stickers are deemed to be very useful for promotional, artistic and / or personal reasons. A genuine promotional sticker helps in promoting an organization, a location, a product, an individual, or an idea. In other words, basically anything that is marketable. If you design your own stickers in an artistic way, it is a good choice as it adds more to the artistic flare such as a racing stripe, flames, a flower, or other fun art or highlights. Although all the vinyl stickers are applied and displayed for personal reasons, some stickers are more like badges or tattoos. They help in projecting your identity and interests in a bolder sense, but may not necessarily be for promotional purposes in a traditional sense. For instance, silhouettes for a sports figure or any famous individual on your car or bumper sticker that says ‘I Love My Beagle’ or family stick figures.

There is a good chance of overlap between these reasons for showcasing these custom stickers and that is the gist to understand. A political bumper sticker is deemed to promote a person or platform for political reasons. But it can also be considered from a different angle that maybe it is someone’s personal choice to support someone or something that a person is proud to identify with. To create an amazing custom promotional sticker which is most likely to be applied and displayed for an extended period of time, taps into all those three core reasons people display stickers is important. The promotional sticker should be able to connect in a personal way and be interesting and artistically appealing at the same time in order to open up channels for effective and efficient promotional purposes.

Strong and robust sticker promotions are not that easy of a task to just throw your logo or name on a simple bumper sticker. Every aspect of the sticker, the art, the shape, the size, the attitude, the personal connection: each and every one of these aspects should resonate with the potential sticker displayer. This all roots down to getting acquainted with the target market—where would they put the sticker? What colors do they prefer? How big is too big? How small is too small? What slogan or image are they willing to showcase with pride on one of their personal possessions or assets? By answering each and every question stated above and designing a sticker(s) that personally and artistically resonates with your target audience in the market is an ideal way to give your sticker and promotion the most value. In other words, you need to have a knack for making the most out of the advantages of these promotional custom stickers.

Another way of communicating the identity shift is with sticker postcards mailed to your existing customers and other necessary people. You can also add sticker hang tags to the products, equipment or on service calls. These stickers can also be handed out, mailed, distributed via a strategic partner, inserted in publications or packing etc. The list is endless.