Are you considering buying a designer engagement ring but aren’t sure how much it’s going to cost? This article is a quick guide giving you a better idea of what to expect.

The most important thing to know is that the range of prices of designer engagement rings means that there’s a ring for almost every budget out there. The general assumption is that a designer ring has got a huge price tag to go along with it, but if you pick the right designer you can get a beautiful designer engagement ring for a fraction of the price.

If you’re looking for a designer engagement ring and have a high budget, then the Tacori range may be the perfect designer to start. The 18k white gold Tacori HT2551RD petite crescent triple row diamond engagement ring, pictured here, is a stunning ring perfect for anyone with a fairly high budget and a bold, feminine taste. With three diamond filled bands leading up to a stunning centre stone, this ring is everything you’d imagine a designer engagement ring to be and more. It also has the price tag you’d expect a designer engagement ring to have too – costing $8,880, this ring is one of the most expensive rings in their range, but it’s clear to see why.

If your budget is lower, there’s still plenty of choice for you. Some designer engagement rings, whilst much lower in price, are still utterly beautiful and have the same impact as the more expensive rings. This 14k white gold Ritani 1RZ7241 cathedral tapered solitaire engagement ring is the perfect example. It’s a simplistic yet stunning design, and costing only $440 this ring is ideal for anyone with a lower budget whilst still wanting a designer ring. It’s one of the cheapest rings in the Ritani range, but it’s still a beautiful ring oozing class and sophistication.There’s also a large range of rings for a medium budget. This 18k white gold Simon G. MR2342 dutchess three stone engagement ring is a graceful ring with pear-shaped diamonds either side of the stunning centre stone. It’s a unique design that stands out, and costing $1,496 it isn’t overly expensive, whilst still having the same impact as the high range designer engagement rings. The Simon G. range has got a huge variety of rings with various prices, so whatever your budget there’s something perfect for you.

If you’re considering a ring in the higher end of a medium budget, there are also some great choices available. This 18k white gold Verragio INS-7003 half eternity halo diamond engagement ring, priced at $5,250, is absolutely stunning. The detailing on the band of the ring draws the eye into the centre stone, making this ring just perfect for anyone looking in this price range.

The most important thing to remember is that no matter what budget you’ve got for an engagement ring, whether you’ve got a high budget or more limited, there’s the perfect designer engagement ring out there for you.