In the age of Pinterest and the ever-constant pressure of Twitter, is it any wonder that trends for that big day, your wedding, are changing faster than a Trump tweet on a bad day? While it may be true that the trend towards bigger and showier weddings has grown with the arrival of social media, there is also a greater ability to steal great ideas from the internet.

A smart example of this is this webpage with 30 wedding send off ideas for the perfect exit that can inspire just about any bride. So, what are hottest trends that you need to know when planning that wedding day of your dreams? Here are several we think are well worth keeping in mind during the planning stages of your wedding this year.

A Day in the Country

The idea of having your wedding out in the country, or at least in a setting that evokes rustic concepts of barn weddings of yore are big this year. While the ideal would be to have a family member who is still on the old family farm, there are actually plenty of places that make a little extra money by renting event space on their farm. Wineries are a popular location for this type of old style country wedding. Think lanterns instead of candles and a ceremony out in the field to get the creative juices going.

Everything Old is New Again

Vintage as a theme seems to have some pretty strong legs as it once again is among the top five trends in wedding according to the wedding planners we interviewed for this article. Old lacy wedding gowns, old fashion family treasures as part of the ceremony and romance by the yard are what define this theme as a crowd pleaser again this year. The more authentic you can make the vintage, as in something that connects with the family of the bride and groom, the better the vibe, say many experienced planners.

The More Lux the Better

We have also seen a return to the opposite of a simple wedding, namely what many are now dubbing High Drama for a wedding theme. This will include plenty of jaw-dropping elements from millions of little white lights that fill the ceiling to lush and lavish backgrounds in single color themes that are almost overwhelming in their presentation. The saying of the more the merrier was never truer then when planning a wedding with this high trending theme.

Fantastical and Romantic

As the concept of fantasy goes more and more main-steam, we are seeing a trend towards combining fantasy elements into this important day. This can be everything from having a fairy tale princess style of wedding to bringing a steampunk sensibility into the décor of the event. Giant paper flower trellis’s that are reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland are being seen, as well as wedding cakes that truly take the cake on whimsy and fun.

It just goes to prove that not everyone wants a serious wedding party and for some that may mean borrowing from the pages of a Harry Potter book or walking down the aisle in a dress that owes more the Game of Thrones then it does to the Princess Diana. If it works for you, then take a theme that says you and your beloved and the heck with the others. Being an individual is definitely a trend in weddings today.