When it comes to stickers, you can make your own design easily as long as you know the steps to take. You may want to design your own stickers to promote your brand, to have some fun with your friends or family or sell for a profit. No matter what your reason is, the tips below can help you get started and come up with professionally printed stickers:

Take Advantage of Free Sticker Templates

When designing your sticker, look for a free sticker template that you can download. Choose a template that is available in the size, color mode, shape, and resolution you need to successfully print your stickers. Also, these templates come with guidelines that can help you understand how to properly position your design. Because these templates don’t have graphic elements on them, you can freely customise the design in any way you want.

Use High-Resolution Files

Make sure you upload high-resolution images to come up with art that looks clean and crisp. These days, stickers are available in big sizes that can be as large as 14 inches. Higher-resolution files can be given in the bigger sticker sizes and maintain their exciting look. Because sizes tend to vary, consider the art you are offering and the way they look in both small and big sizes. Keep an eye on textures, details and any text your design may include.

Customise your Sticker Design

Using your favorite graphics editing program, open the sticker template and put prepare to get into action. You will find this stage easy if you are software savvy. In case graphic design is not your thing; however, you still wish to design your sticker, you can find stock images, illustrations, and clip art online that you can use for your design. Also, you can just use your pre-designed logo or your own photo. Just ensure your background is extended beyond your template’s bleed lines with your main design placed in the safe area. Before you print your sticker, check your artwork and save it after deleting the template.

Print the Sticker Design

This should be the easiest step of the process; however, this still requires you to make some decisions. If you are looking to have your stickers used in the outdoors, consider a fade-resistant soy-ink printed sticker on a clear polyester or premium vinyl backing. Stickers for indoor use can go with such choices or have a gloss paper backing. Stickers for outdoor use come with a layer of ultraviolet coating for more durability. Indoor stickers come with crack n’ peel designs to make it easy to use them.

When it comes to sticker designs, you should allow the stickers to speak for themselves. There is no point being elaborate when you design is text-based. Consider making stickers which go together such as a collectible series. If you are looking to promote your stickers on social media, find custom mockup sticker templates.

The steps above will help you design your stickers and come up with professional outcomes. Just watch out for deals and discounts to get the most out of your sticker design and prints.