Becoming a better person does not involve fixing one aspect of your life and neglecting the rest. Hence, you cannot work on yourself and forget your spouse or kids. This also means that you need to work on solving any family issue before forging ahead to a new self since your family affects you directly. However, keep in mind that change has to start with you first. Here are some self-improvement tips to help you transform your family and relationship situation.

  1. Get Your Sexy Back

How you feel inside is reflected externally through your facial expressions and glow. However, happiness does not permit you to abandon your exterior appeal. If you are a man, use good cologne, get a shave, dress for the occasion and ensure that have a nice pair of shoes to complement your every look. For women, pampering yourself now and then is okay. You can go to the spa for a massage, get your legs waxed, or go for a manicure, pedicure, and facial session. Looking and feeling good about yourself will spark some new interest in your relationship or rekindle some lost attraction.

  1. Stop Complaining, Do Something!

Quit complaining all the time about your kids or even your spouse if something did not go according to your expectations. For instance, if your wife did not cook dinner on time, try to understand the reason instead of complaining. In such cases, you may opt to help her prepare a good meal for the whole family. Having a sense of empathy will go a long way in making you a better person and keeping those around you happy. Practice-u is helping to increase your self-confidence and individual skills.

  1. Go Out Often

If you have a family, let that not limit you from having a good time. Aside from having guys’ or ladies’ night out, ensure that you and your spouse spend some quality time together outside your house. Go dancing together, visit the movies, watch live sports or go for a date. These activities will not only bring out the best in your relationship but also individually. In fact, through such activities, you will get to meet other couples or individuals, leading to better connections.

  1. Give Yourself Some Additional Respect

Respect is two-way. Learn to respect yourself before you demand or expect others to respect you. If you see yourself as a joke, look down upon yourself or lack a stand, then the world, and most importantly,  your family will also see you the same way. Developing self-respect plays a fundamental role as far as self-improvement is concerned.  In short, if you respect yourself, your spouse and kids will also do the same, leading to a happy family.

  1. Learn to Give and Receive

Allowing yourself to love another person, care about them and share with them your life is a considerable step towards a better version of yourself.  Through this, you may shed off any selfish behavior, learn to listen, be sensitive, and most importantly, learn to give and receive.  If certain behaviors such as drinking too much irritate your loved ones, consider giving up those habits to avoid regular quarreling or losing your family.

  1. Owning Up to Your Mistakes

Simple things in a relationship or family can cause a huge drift. For this reason, ensure that you own up to your mistakes whenever you hurt your kids or spouse. Learn to say, “I’m sorry for hurting you or disrespecting you” and actually mean it to make it sound real. If you miss watching your son’s soccer game, say sorry to him and make an effort of attending the next match. That’s the beginning of your son forgiving you because he sees you are standing behind your words. This scenario is bound to have a “domino effect” in your family and marriage. Your loved ones will start emulating this behavior, making you all better versions of yourselves in the end. Through much practice will come much success.