Sometimes the items we use to enhance our appearance have the opposite effect. This is especially true for cheaper synthetic faux eyelashes. The idea is to outline the eyes with lashes that beautify, not detract from one’s appearance. That is why you should consider only mink lashes.

Natural Products of High Quality

Eyelashes that are made of mink are natural products of a high quality. They also last longer than faux eyelashes made of synthetics. In fact, you can wear mink lashes as many as 14 times before you need to replace them. In turn, your cost is actually more affordable because of the durability of the lashes, so you benefit economically.

Super Easy to Apply

Because the lashes are lightweight and fluffy, they are exceptionally comfortable. In fact, you may forget that you are wearing them at all. Plus, you can apply lashes, such as Hypnotica mink 3D lashes, in seconds. You do not have to labour over the process. Mink lashes are super easy to apply because they are lightweight, so they are far less difficult to set into place.

Various Styles

You can choose from several various mink eyelash styles. For example, some lashes combine both length and volume to achieve the look you are seeking. Others add additional length and volume at strategic points. You might also opt for lashes that feature subtle enhancements to the inner lashes and more impact to the volume and length of the outer lashes.

Why You Want to Avoid Synthetics

Whether you are seeking more subtlety or drama, you will find that mink lashes that were designed for you. Why detract from your natural good looks by picking synthetic fake lashes when you can enjoy the luxury of mink? Synthetic lashes, which are the most common form of faux lashes, are made of fibres that are man-made. The lashes are often much thicker than the natural human eyelash and are designed to be discarded after a single use.

Use the Lashes Repeatedly

When you wear mink lashes, you are wearing lashes that are made from real mink fur – fur that makes the eyelashes lightweight and fluffy. As a result, mink eyelashes are closer to human lashes in design. Because mink lashes are made with premium materials, they can be used time and again.

Moulded Plastic

Synthetic lashes are made from plastic that is moulded by a machine. As a result, they tend to feature stubby ends. Because of their composition, you will notice a contrast between your own lashes and lashes that are synthetically made.

Synthetic lashes are also stiffer and heavier in weight. As a result, they prove more difficult to apply and provide only minimal comfort. These factors should be considered when you are making an eyelash purchase. If you want to get more value for your money, there is only one option and that option is mink