As women age, they look to simplify their lives as much as possible and a short haircut for women over 50 is as important as any other area. Sometimes women tend to get stuck with a particular style and stay with it long past its prime. It is achievable to change your look and acquire a look that will be stylish and easier to take care of and it may even take years off of your appearance. Short hair is easier to maintain, and this makes a shorter style excessively popular among women over 50. While we realize that women over 50 are seeking an easier style, they shouldn’t be expected to settle for a cut that is dated on makes them feel older than they actually are. Learn more about short haircuts for women over 50 on

Short Hairstyle Recommendations for Women Over 50

Don’t allow yourself to be restricted by some unwritten rules that are most often simply preferences that have been repeated so much they seem to be rules. As long as the style you choose is elegant and tasteful you can comb your hair back away from your face. Some of the messy-look styles aren’t as popular among older women due to their desire for sophistication. Bang do have a tendency to make someone look younger, but it is important that they remain neat and thin and never completely cover your forehead. Lighter hair is also a preferred option since it also causes one to appear younger. Women in years past have harshly contested the silver and gray hair curse but with new styles trending even younger women are embracing the silver and gray hues. Don’t be afraid to try this with your new hairstyle.

Your specific face shape and hair texture will play a vital role in the type of hairstyle you should choose. For example, if you have fine hair it typically looks better with layers and cut short. Thicker hair looks and feels better when it is in an elongated cut. Longer hair has always been beautiful but there are also short to medium length cuts that are stunning options as well and these work well with thick hair also.

Keep It Short and Simple Sweetie

We will share a few hairstyle options of short style that work well with women over 50. Explore these and other to find the cut that works best for you.

Blonde Pixie Cut

This pixie cut is popular due to the fact that it is not only classy and chic, but it is also easy to maintain.

Bouncy BOB for Women 50+

This cut boasts it expert layers that provide this gorgeous look. Extra body can be applied if you have straight thin hair by flipping the ends out with a large curling iron.

Youthful Pixie Cut

This transformation practically speaks for itself. This woman appears to be her own daughter after her short pixie cut literally takes years off of her appearance. Another fantastic bonus of this cut is it is super easy to style and maintain.

We hope these ideas have sparked your interest in making a change and finding a cut that is not only easier but can transform your look and help you look and feel younger.