EOS is really a youthful fashion house resides in New York’s trendy Flatiron district. Offering leading edge products that reflect the youthful urban culture, EOS is the best accent to enhance a awesome and dynamic look. A cutting-edge brand leader inside the fashion industry, EOS is devoted to produce top quality timepieces, shades and jewellery that lure and match the urge to enjoy extremely crafted, trendsetting accessories.

The organization started in 2002 in New You are able to. Its edgy styles are coming up with a significant buzz among arrested urbanites. The name EOS originates from the winged Greek goddess of Beginning, who rose from her home close to Oceanus, the Sea that surrounds the planet, to usher in her brother Helios, the sun’s rays. Using its obsession for precision and it is leading edge designs, EOS furnish craftsmanship that’s a step in front of the habits. Casting a cultured eye on every one of their timepieces enables the organization to interrupt traditional detail qualifying criterion.

Very few watch companies may come near to the dramatically styles and designs EOS incorporate to their accessories. Utilizing a striking color scheme which includes bold hues, the greatest quality Swarovski certified crystals, gold and silver hardware and complex leather bands lead towards the masterfully designed information on all the EOS timepieces. Each watch is ornamented having a distinct set of hands to accomplish the EOS signature.

The most recent line form EOS, the Entourage Timewear is really a special edition of timepieces inspired through the hit Cinemax series, Entourage (TM). The Entourage series fans have finally one other reason to become thrilled! The stainless construction, exquisite leathers and sleek, fashion-forward design, reflect the enjoyment and seductive lifestyle of Vincent Chase and the Entourage. Each Entourage model features an etched program saying or quote. Much like Eric, Turtle and Drama, these watches will prove to add a chuckle for their proprietors lifestyle. In the end, a life-style is really a terrible factor down the sink.