Wool is one of the earthiest materials used for clothing and despite the innovative invention of more complex clothing fabrics, this material is used by millions to this day for warmth, fashion, and comfort. As a general rule, most wool garments are sweaters, blankets, quilts, and other coverings such as cardigans and they are used by both men and women to provide warmth and comfort during the cool months of the winter. Today, there are many exceptions to this rule, including many garments specifically designed for use during the summer, and you may now choose from many thousands of options so that you may create your ideal, unique look.


Merino wool women’s clothing is created right here in Australia by experts who understand the importance of ethically collected fleece for each garment. This is a completely natural fabric material found all over the world and most commonly taken from sheep, meaning that you never need to worry about any synthetic chemicals used during the creation of the material. This is a good reason why many people with allergies to certain materials such as polyester prefer the option of wool that is more comfortable and less likely to cause trouble.

No Harm

Contrary to common misconceptions, no sheep or any other animals for that matter are harmed during the process of collecting fleece, also known as shearing, and these animals live quite comfortable lives. To produce a great coat of wool, a sheep must be healthy, be given plenty of room to roam, and spend much of its time with its herd. Sheep are not shorn until the wool is at the proper length. This is actually also a beneficial process for sheep because their wool will never stop growing, meaning that it would quickly become too thick and heavy for them to properly function unless it is removed at carefully chosen times of the year.

All Year

It may also surprise you to learn that wool will keep you comfortable during the summer and winter months, although you should choose a thinner option for summer. Wool is a fabric that will by nature capture pockets of air, leading to a naturally insulating layer against your body. In the summer, the wool will help you to stay cool while looking amazing and in the winter, your body will remain comfortable and warm even during the most severe of winter chills.

Fire Retardant

Wool is a fabric that will resist catching fire at every turn and any fire set to it will likely burn out before consuming the entire piece of fabric. This is why many fire departments choose to utilise wool as one of the fabrics for their uniforms, although this is far from the only material used. You never need to worry about your wool garments being treated with synthetic retardants to get the same effect, meaning that you will have the most comfortable and natural choice for your winter wardrobe on the market and will turn many heads with your fashionable choice as you walk through the streets of your hometown.