A casual evening does not automatically translate into slouchy dressing. With a little effort and the right clothing, your relaxed evening can be sartorially perfect.

Who doesn’t like a fun evening out with friends or their significant other? It’s time to unwind over gossip and sparkling conversation.

But how should you dress for the evening? Most people mistake casual evenings for sloppy dressing. The whole point of fashion is that while you should be comfortable in what you wear, you should also be dressed appropriately and bearing in mind the fact that slouchy dressing shows the world that you don’t care about your appearance. Worse, it tells those you’re with that you couldn’t be bothered to wear stylish, clean clothing when going out with them.

Whip out your favourite shopping app and get yourself ready to buy clothing and accessories for a casual evening out:

* Relax, but don’t be sloppy. The golden rule of dressing for a casual evening out, is to dress nicely but without looking like you spent ages doing so. You must look like you threw on the first thing you found in your closet, but make sure your clothing is washed and pressed. We recommend dressing in comfortable clothing, but which fits well on the curves and contours of your body. If you’re a guy, go with slim fit denim pants, a relaxed white shirt or tee and a pair of brogues or sneakers. If you’re a woman, a maxi dress is best for the hot weather.

* Wear comfortable shoes. It’s a casual evening out, so there is a chance that you’ll be spending quite a while sitting around, whether it is at a café or at the seashore, or even inside a movie theatre. Wearing tight, heeled footwear can make you uncomfortable and ruin your mood. Go for flat footwear with a supportive sole, so that you can be on your feet all night. Sneakers and ballerinas are best – they are both excellent options if you’re wearing a stunning new maxi dress. Guys can go with flip flops or sneakers. Make sure your toenails are cut and clean if you’re wearing open toed footwear.

* Spritz on some perfume. So what if it’s a casual evening out and you’re meeting friends? We know it’s summer time and you’ve been sweating up a storm. But do quickly nip across to the washroom and spray on some perfume before you meet anyone. Keep a pack of wet wipes in your bag so that you can give your armpits, neck and back a quick rub down. Now spray on perfume and head out to meet your gang for a fun evening.

* Accessorise, but not too much. Minimal accessories should do the trick. Women, go easy on the makeup, perfume and jewellery. A light lip stain, some eyeliner, a floral scent on your neck and behind your elbows, and a simple bracelet or watch are enough. Men can wear a metal watch, slick back the hair with a bit of mousse or gel, and trim their beards. There, you’re all set to leave and impress your friends or date!