Are you looking for classy nails art designs that will complete your looks and add a touch of perfection to your attire? Your search ends here. We have compiled a list of best cute nails that will meet all your beauty needs.

Perhaps, this is the most exclusive and classic list of trendiest nails choices you will come across in your entire search. So this list of fun and chic, classy nails will give you an enticement to dump your current nail design. Check my site for more info.

  1. Blue Design

This is a carefree yet amazing short nail design with great variation because it gives you an opportunity to experiment with different nail designs for every nail without having to do much design. Though simple design for classy nails, you need to exercise high expertise to bring it out well. It is the simplicity which makes it unique.

  1. 3D White Nail Design

Most nails for short nails are designed using angled French manicure. However, there are some which use 3D designs. This is one example of such nail designs. It has incorporated sparking beads and some swirling white art design featuring gold sequins. By look, it is a beautiful design if you want classy nails for short nails.

  1. Geometric Pink Art Design

The sleek, shiny pink utilized in this classy nail design for short nails are stunning roots for the white geometric décor used on the single nail from each hand.  Two additional nails use gorgeous shiny embellishment in a triangle pattern at the roots of the short nails. It is an alluring look, sure.

  1. Deep Green Nail Design

The deep and badass green background colour of this nail design is ridiculously smooth and enough to make your friends jealous of you. The rest of the nails incorporate stunning black rose design near the endings, further amplifying the badass design. Ultimately, the beautiful sequins are the best way to give life to this mystical look.

  1. Polished Pink Houndstooth Design

Deep pink polishes are ridiculously sweet and sophisticated; the sequin-embellished nail caped with whitish houndstooth nail design, on the other side, is youthful and girlish. It is chic and bright, all in the best interest of the entire look, and you are guaranteed that you will appear gorgeous this Christmas.

  1. Undertone Blue Triangles Base Design

By definition, this is a classy nail leading design that will rock your looks for all seasons. The short nail art design is a beautiful undertone blue with profound yet straightforward triangles at the center of the cuticle. It is effortless to style, eye appealing, and suitable for short nails since the design is all styled near the cuticle.

  1. Sunflower Design

We all love sunflowers, and we can really prove that through our nails design. The design sits on the beautiful background of pastel purple accentuated with polka dots.