Many women have naturally short hair that is hard to tame and thus many traditional hairstyles are a bit difficult to achieve. Many times, the requirements of the popular hairstyles include straight hair, which is not universal. Hair straightening can be a solution, but not a permanent one. Repeated straightening may not be the best idea considering the health of your hair. And speaking of healthy hair, if your hair is damaged for any reason, you might want to cut it short and wait for fresh growth before you go back to your usual hairstyles. Fortunately, there are many great hairstyles for short hairstyles and natural curly texture. Many are simple enough to be worn every day, so no need for frequent visits to your hair stylist. So let us take a look at some great short natural hairstyles.

Bantu knots

This is a great short natural hairstyle with a long history, and have resurfaced, with even many celebrities carrying this look. This style can work for you regardless of whether or not you have naturally curly hair, but the hair will retain some curly texture after unravelling if they were straight, to begin with. Hence, it can be a way to experiment with curly texture if you have straight hair.

Braided styles

There are many ways to creatively use braids to get interesting and desirable looks. You can tie all your hair in braids and let them loose, or you can tie all the braids tightly together. You can also have a few braids and use them to interestingly manipulate other hair. A simple style is to just have two or three braids with the front pulled backwards tying off all other hair in a pouffe. This is quite easy to pull off and can be worn daily.


Mohawk styles vary vastly, some can be not as radical as others. If you like to fly under the radar, you can try the conservative ones with slight tapers on the sides with a top that may not be as pronounced. But if you are bold and brash, you can go all in and fade the sides or outright buzz the sides and have a pronounced mohawk style. Some razor details on the sides and multiple tones of the hair can add even more zing to the hairstyle.


A faded haircut with curly hair is also quite popular nowadays. This makes your face look more pronounced and confident. You can have faded along just the sides or along the back as well. A divide will make it look it more interesting. There is also an increasing number of women bold enough to go with very short straight up fade cut similar to military styled male cuts. You can even go all the way to a buzz cut if you like. However this may not be for everyone, but you can add some interesting shades to make it look quite appealing. This will get rid of most of your hair if you need new hair growth due to damaged hair.